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kMitchGries12-10-14 (2)IMG_0345Pain takes away from “Full Mental Capacity.” Acute pain makes life miserable, even chronic, low-grade pain disrupts your life and limits full mental capacity.

Why allow yourself to suffer any longer?

St. John Neuromuscular Therapy is the most precise and comprehensive manual soft tissue treatment available to quickly alleviate your pain and discomfort. Mitch Gries, a certified St. John Neuromuscular Therapist began his practice in 1977 working with world-class professional dancers, performing artists, and athletes with injuries and muscular strain.  He takes his high standards of restoring proper muscle tone flexibility, & strength and applies them to everyone he treats. Two to three sessions typically take you out of uncomfortable pain, then if needed, a treatment plan will be created to more fully restore your total rehabilitation.

Lower standards and bad habits allow us to put up with continual pain, loss of movement, loss of strength bad posture and improper biomechanics.  Call today to do what thousands of others have done and help your life be less painful.  Restore full mental capacity, and begin to “Age with Wisdom and not Rigidity.”

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