What are the hours of operation?

8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Monday through Friday.
9 AM to 5 PM Saturday
You can usually be seen within a few days, sometimes even the same day when necessary.

Where are you located?

In the Hollywood Hills, just off of La Brae Ave and Hollywood Blvd.                                   Also located part-time in Encino, Havenhurst and Ventura Blvd.

What do you do?

St. John Neuromuscular Therapy, Ida P. Rolf Structural Integration, Visceral Manipulation, Personal Injury, Dance/Athletic Injury, and On-Set Massage and Emergency Injury Treatment. Mitch Gries determines where the problem is coming from and address it. This is not physical therapy, where the patient typically is given a course of sessions to strengthen weak muscles.  Mitch Gries first gets rid of spasm, muscular hyper-constrictions and ischemia, giving proper integrity to your muscle tone, and then he restores flexibility and range of motion.  After completing these most important stages of rehabilitation you will then be able to resume working out fully and living your life with much less or no pain.

What happens in the first appointment?

Mitch Gries does an exam, measurements, and treatment. He also can review any and all past MRI’s and X-rays. Having the films would be very helpful, but if you can only get the report that is helpful too; the more information the better.

Who will be my therapist?

Mitch Gries will personally handle your case.  Mitch has been in private practice since 1977, where he began treating world-class professional dancers. He is highly trained to treat most pain conditions.

What do I need to provide if I am involved in a Personal Injury/Worker’s Comp Insurance Case?

Before you are first seen at the clinic you will need a prescription from your doctor. That prescription must have:

  • Prescription is written for “Manual Therapy,” “Neuromuscular Therapy,”             or “Soft Tissue Treatment.”
  • Diagnosis codes for the areas needed for treatment.
  • Duration and Frequency of visits, e.g. 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks.
  • Physician’s NPI number.
  • Mitch Gries can work on a lien with a small copayment

Does health insurance pay for treatment?

Mitch Gries is able to take certain insurances.

What Is Pain?

Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong.

What Are Your Choices?

You can either continue to ignore your pain, mask that signal with body-altering drugs OR you can treat the source of the pain. Mitch Gries specializes in identifying the source of your pain by utilizing the most up-to-date non-invasive treatment available. He will identify the problem and develop a protocol to not only eliminate the pain but prevent future occurrences.

Please call at 323 851 3508 or email at MitchGries@gmail.com

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