On Set Massage

debbie allen

Treating Baryshnikov on set for his "Baryshnikov on Broadway," t.v. special.

Treating Baryshnikov on set for his “Baryshnikov on Broadway,” t.v. special.

Since 1977 Mitch Gries has been enhancing the performances of artists and crew for feature films, Broadway touring companies, professional dance, television, music videos and commercials. Mitch has a full and successful Neuromuscular Therapy practice, but has always enjoyed making time to work on set or at the theater.  Mitch Gries can not only come in to provide good deep massage therapy, he has from the very beginning, been able to successfully and quickly repair injuries.  His entire practice has been dedicated to getting world class dancers and performing artists out of pain and discomfort while usually enhancing their level of performance.  He can also come in on emergency calls to treat injuries, allowing productions to keep rolling.

Here are some projects that Mitch Gries has worked on:

Feature Films:   
Al Pacino “Scarface,”
Gary Sinese “Imposter” leg injury,  “Last Seduction” (Bill Pullman, Linda Fiorentino & Peter Berg.)

Music Videos: *
Michael Jackson & dancers, Missy Elliot, Lionel Ritchie

Baryshnikov on Broadway,” “Weeds” Mary Louise Parker

Baryshnikov at the Hollywood Bowl
(Achilles tendinitis), Rudolf Nureyev “King & I,” Topol “Fiddler on the Roof,” Estelle Parsons “Osage County”

Debbie Allen “Sweet Charity,” (pictured above.)

Tony Kaye

Dance and Broadway Shows:
Please see the column on Dance/Athletic Injury *

Michael Peters,(choreographer,) asked for and got Mitch Gries on the set of “Thriller. Besides making Michael’s dancers feel a bit more human while dancing on the street in the cold night air, Mitch helped make Michael Jackson dance his best performance ever with his daily treatments.

Mitch Gries offers affordable rates.  He can be there half/all day or come in for a few hours.  Mr. Gries is also able to come in and treat your crew in 10-30 minute sessions. He offers discounts on multiple day engagements.  His studio is centrally located in Hollywood. Please call to discuss scheduling, pricing, and all other questions,
323-851-3508 and MitchGries@gmail.com.

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